Contains the actions which allow interaction with the Site Notice version used for our Universal Consent platform.

GET api/v3/sitenotice?domain={domain}

Default call used to get all the users domains. We also have the option to pass in a query string with the domain parameter. This will instruct this call to only pull notices for that domain. This is primarily used when modifying a notice to keep us from adding duplicate countries to multiple notices for the same domain since domain/country pair must be unique.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/scancounts

Returns the active scan counts for your company. This allows you to pull the counts to make sure you are still operating within your contract limits.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/{id}/delete

Deletes the site notice with the specified id value. When a notice is deleted it disables the notice for the specified domain and clears out the settings stored on our CDN. This will disable the notice within a few minutes.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/{id}

Retrieves the details for the specified site notice.

POST api/v3/sitenotice

Saves the given site notice. If the passed in site notice has a non-zero identifier this call will act as an update. A missing or 0 id value will cause a new notice to be inserted. The passed in notice structure will be validated and if there are errors the return status code will be 500 and the return content will be a list of validation issues.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/settings?domain={domain}

Recreates the settings file for SiteNotice v3 for a specific company and domain.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/tag

Pulls the universal script tag for the active company.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/tag/{tagId}?consentLevel={consentLevel}

Pulls the specified tag for the active company.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/theme

Pulls the list of company themes which can be assigned to a site notice. This list contains the theme names and id values. It also contains the domains being used for each theme.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/theme/{id}

Pulls the details for a site notice theme.

POST api/v3/sitenotice/admin/theme

Saves the site notice theme. This action behaves like an upsert. If the id value is missing or 0 the operation will create a new theme record. Otherwise this will try to modify the existing theme.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/theme/{id}/delete

Deletes the specified theme, based on the passed in identifier. Note the attempt to delete will fail if there are still notices using the theme.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/consenttool

Pulls the list of consent tool themes.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/consenttool/{id}

Pulls the details for the specified consent tool theme.

POST api/v3/sitenotice/admin/consenttool

Saves the consent tool theme. This action behaves as an upsert action. If the id value is missing or 0 this will create a new consent tool theme. If the id value is present it will attempt to modify the existing theme.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/admin/consenttool/{id}/delete

Deletes the specified consent tool theme, based on the passed in identifier. Note the attempt to delete will fail if there are still notices using the theme.

GET api/v3/sitenotice/regulations

Pulls the list of regulations.


Methods to interact with your companies Ad Notice records.

GET api/v1/adnotice

Pulls the list of Ad Notices for your company. This query returns a simple list of notice information which includes the Id, Name, Country List, Status and Division. The Status is important. If the status is 1 the Ad Notice is active in production. If the status is 0 it is a draft notice.

GET api/v1/adnotice/{id}

Pulls the Ad Notice specified by the given identifier. This will include all the information about the ad notice with all settings.

POST api/v1/adnotice

Saves the Ad Notice.

GET api/v1/adnotice/{id}/deactivate

Deactivates the ad notice.

GET api/v1/adnotice/copy/{noticeId}

Generates an Ad Notice which is a copy of the notice specified by the passed in notice identifier. The copied notice is returned from this call.

GET api/v1/adnotice/creative

Deprecated. Do not use.

POST api/v1/adnotice/creative/{noticeId}

Deprecated. Do not use.

POST api/v1/adnotice/tag

Pulls the ad notice tags for the passed in notice types and ad sizes.

POST api/v1/adnotice/archive

Deprecated. Do not use.

GET api/v1/adnotice/account

Deprecated. Do not use.

POST api/v1/adnotice/account

Deprecated. Do not use.


GET api/v3/sntemplate

Gets the templates.

GET api/v3/sntemplate/{id}

Gets the template.

POST api/v3/sntemplate

Saves the template.

GET api/v3/sntemplate/noticelist/{DivisionId}

Gets the notices.

GET api/v3/sntemplate/division/{divisionid}

Gets the division templates.

GET api/v3/sntemplate/{id}/delete

Deletes the templates with the specified id value. A template is only deleted when there is/are not notices attached to it.


POST api/v1/auth/login

No documentation available.

POST api/v1/auth/password/reset

No documentation available.

POST api/v1/auth/password/update

No documentation available.

POST api/v1/auth/password/change

No documentation available.


Contains the actions which can be executed against company level information (translations for example). This does not contain CRUD mechanisms for the actual company records. Those are found in the admin controller.

GET api/v1/company/translation/group/{id}/copy

Executes a copy operation, creating a new translation group based on the translation group identifier provided. The newly created group is returned to the caller.

GET api/v1/company/translation/group/{id}/delete

Deletes a company translation group. This operation will only succeed if the translation group you are trying to remove is not assigned to an active site notice.

POST api/v1/company/translation/group

Saves the passed in translation group. This operation is very limited in what it can do. The only thing this actually saves is the name of the group. If you want to change the actual translation values you need to open the specific translation, modify the desired values, and then save that company translation individually.

GET api/v1/company/translation/group/{id}/vendorcategory/{translationid}

Pulls the list of vendor categories for the specified company translation. This method allows the vendor categories to be pulled separate from the main company translation.

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/inprogress/{languageId}

Pulls the list of in progress category buckets for a company

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/inprogress/{companyCategoryBucketId}/{languageId}

Pulls one in progress category bucket for a company

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/vendorcategories/{languageId}

Pulls vendor categories and translations from default translation set in english for use in bucketing.

POST api/v1/company/categorybucket/{languageId}

Saves a provided category bucket.

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/{id}/delete

Deletes the category bucket.

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/publish

Publishes the category buckets.

GET api/v1/company/categorybucket/publisheddate

Gets the last category bucket published date.

GET api/v1/company/translation/{id}

Pulls the specified company translation record.

GET api/v1/company/translation

Pulls the list of Company Translation Groups for your company.

POST api/v1/company/translation

Saves the passed in Company Translation object. You are not allowed to create a new company translation record using this mechanism, only update an existing set of translation values.

POST api/v1/company/translation/export

Given a set of translation ids, a CSV formatted file will be returned.

POST api/v1/company/translation/import

Given a csv file string containing translations to be inserted.

GET api/v1/company/image/{id}

Pulls the details for the image asset with the passed in identifier.

GET api/v1/company/image

Pulls the list of company image assets for your company.

POST api/v1/company/image

Saves the passed in company image. If an array of image data (the Source property) is passed in that will be uploaded into our CDN for distribution. If the new image is being passed into an existing image record that will trigger an overwrite of the old image assigned to this record with the new one. So only do that if you are trying to swap out an image globally.

DELETE api/v1/company/image/{id}

Deletes the specified image record.

GET api/v1/company/consentreport

Pulls a list of recent consent reports which have been generated for this company.

POST api/v1/company/consentreport

Saves a consent report execution record. Keeping a list of these will allow the contents of the reports to be available for retrieval at a future date.


Contains the entry points for interacting with Consent Tests

GET api/v3/consenttest

Returns a list of all of your Consent Tests

GET api/v3/consenttest/current

Returns a list of all Consent Tests that are currently in progress

GET api/v3/consenttest/{id}

Gets a specific Consent Test by id

POST api/v3/consenttest

Saves a Consent Test to the database

GET api/v3/consenttest/{id}/revert

Reverts the changes that this Consent Test has put into place, restoring the notice to its original state.

GET api/v3/consenttest/{id}/snapshots

Gets the consent rate data associated with this Consent Test's notice


GET api/v1/vendormanagement

Gets the category sets.

GET api/v1/vendormanagement/templates

Gets the template category sets.


GET api/v1/option/country

Gets the countries.

GET api/v1/option/language/{countryId}

Gets the languages.

GET api/v1/option/overlaytemplate

Gets the overlay templates.

GET api/v1/option/advertiser

Gets the advertisers.

GET api/v1/option/adsize

Gets the ad sizes.

GET api/v1/option/tagtype

Gets the tag types.

GET api/v1/option/translation/optout/{languageId}

Gets the opt out translations.

GET api/v1/option/translation/overlay/{languageId}

Gets the overlay translations.

GET api/v1/option/translation/sitenotice/{LanguageId}

Gets the site notice translations.

GET api/v1/option/domain

Gets the domains.

GET api/v1/option/font

Gets the fonts.


POST api/v3/datsar

Adds the site notice access request.

GET api/v3/datsar/verifyemail/{requestIdentifier}

Verifies the email.

PUT api/v3/datsar

Updates the request details.

GET api/v3/datsar?productId={productId}&requestType={requestType}

Gets the company requests.

POST api/v3/datsar/export

Creates the export request.

GET api/v3/datsar/export?exportRequestId={exportRequestId}

Gets the export requests.

GET api/v3/datsar/datsarrights

Pulls the list of Rights.

GET api/v3/datsar/datsarrightsregulation

Pulls the list of regulations with rights.


GET api/v1/sitenotice

Gets the site notices.

GET api/v1/sitenotice/{id}

Gets the site notice.

POST api/v1/sitenotice

Saves the site notice.

GET api/v1/sitenotice/{id}/delete

Deletes the site notice, removing it from the list of notices and disabling it from working.

GET api/v1/sitenotice/{id}/tag

Gets the site notice tag.

POST api/v1/sitenotice/find

This method allows the user to search for a site notice based on either the name or the id. We expect the passed in site notice to hold either a name or an id. We will use the name value first


GET api/v1/vendor

Gets list of Vendors.

GET api/v1/vendor/links

Gets the the company perma link information list.

GET api/v1/vendor/links/save

Saves the VendorList.js.

GET api/v1/vendor/adserver

Gets the list if ad servers.

GET api/v1/vendor/mobile

Gets the list of mobile vendors.


GET api/v1/country

Gets the list of countries.

GET api/v1/country/proxy

Gets proxy countries.

GET api/v1/country/state

Returns a list of states.


GET api/v1/appnotice

Gets all valid Ad Notices.

GET api/v1/appnotice/{id}

Gets the specified Ad Notice.

POST api/v1/appnotice

Saves the specified App notice.

GET api/v1/appnotice/configuration

This method is called explicitly to pull the information needed for the mobile app developer. Currently that consists of the id's (notice and company) as well as the list of vendors.

GET api/v1/appnotice/{id}/delete

Deletes the specified App Notice.

GET api/v1/appnotice/GdprAccessRequestsEnabled?appNoticeId={appNoticeId}

This method should be used to decide whether an AppNotice should display the GDPR Access Request functionality based on if a company has configured it to do so.

POST api/v1/appnotice/GdprAccessRequest

This method is used to create a GDPR Access Request

GET api/v1/appnotice/config

Asynchronously gets the AppNotice Configuration without vendors list attached.